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Mongolia meets our border checkpoints, escorts them to Russia. Russian checkpoint – Tsagaan-tolgoy- can say did not take long, just so happened that we came when the soldiers, exhausted by the service, ate food. But you will agree to wait 2 hours for the border in such zh..pe – nifiga is not much. The children remembered how to spend the night in the neutral zone in Tashanta – crossed a […]

Finishing the story about the Mongolian part of the journey the story of the deepest lake in Mongolia – Hovsgol (the largest in the area – Uvs Nuur). Warning: many rerihovschiny below! :))) Previous often ends up on the fact that we came to the city Muren. That will tell you what’s there. The town planning and architectural similar to any small provincial Russian town. It is striking how the […]

Fragmentary sketches from his travels in Mongolia. about architecture A striking example of Mongolian architecture is dzhargalansky bridge. In principle, you can go and wade … But it was a pity to miss such an attraction, and we ride on it! You go, and it creaks and groans under the car … Apparently, it will come to an end one of the closest spring floods. The situation is accelerating and […]

Mosquitoes with a mustache of x * nN. Sky Uvs Nur. Swan Lake. Mongolian road signs have already been mentioned as a model of brevity and obscurity. They are not on the forks and intersections, and where convenient stand. As it is impossible to determine where, and where to turn. On them you can only verify the names on the map. Nevertheless, it is a useful pointer. Much worse – […]

“Here the fish are.” The ancient monster. The fields where the ripening doshirak. Lake Hyargas famous for three things: 1.Svoim hot springs, 2.Svoey fishing, 3.Svoimi monsters. In hot water, we have not started to miss, so leave sufferers claim 1. It is much more interesting items 2 and 3. Therefore, we choose the most deserted and desolate coast of the glorious sea. When you come to another country, you need […]