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Fragmentary sketches from his travels in Mongolia. about architecture

A striking example of Mongolian architecture is dzhargalansky bridge.

In principle, you can go and wade … But it was a pity to miss such an attraction, and we ride on it! You go, and it creaks and groans under the car … :)

Apparently, it will come to an end one of the closest spring floods. The situation is accelerating and the locals began to understand it on the wood. Indeed, why such a strong, well as a bridge of logs in the supports?

But the Mongols perfectly erect homes. That’s just the house – round and wrapped in felt … :) Other types of architecture they are not easy. Like all great creators, the Mongols under construction apparently rely solely on the inspiration and the presence of the material at hand:

We did not meet a single wooden construction with smooth corners and a flat floor. Everything is always slightly inclined and perpendicularity And this despite the solid foundation – marshes and clay here. How did they manage to build so – it is unclear …

If you look at genshtabovskie card – scattered here and there “brigade number …” The Soviet Union tried to instill in them our way of life and economy. Nothing that is not there. Every now and then there are the abandoned barns monumental (or Barannik?), Some large-scale construction … The Mongols completely different perspective on how to live and grow their wealth.


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