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To travel in Mongolia, I almost did not prepare. Two weeks prior to crossing the border, I did not know that I would go back. So many things that should be known in advance and to further explore on the spot, passed me. Maybe I missed some sights that were in my way. But in any case, I think my little experience will be useful for the next generation of […]

Before anyone even a small journey through Asia, I was scared of possible rude locals. They said that the backpacker-alone necessarily robbed. They advised to avoid this in many ways, but perhaps the only one of the methods proved to be really effective. In preparation for the pedestrian hike along the eastern shore of Lake Baikal, I met with Valentin Bryansk, Irkutsk famous walker. He was frequently in those places, […]

All who happens in other countries, or simply interesting places are trying to bring back souvenirs. Something that will remind the places you visit. Someone brings magnets, some shirts, some national things. I often cite other things. Sometimes strange to others. So, what I brought for myself from Mongolia. First of all, it is old (well, I hope that old) statues of bronze. Figurines associated with Buddhism and there are […]

This is the story of how we went to the national park Gorkhi-Terelj National Park near the Mongolian capital. Fasting is made soon in the format of “text with illustrations” rather than “pictures with captions,” but if you want to get acquainted with the life of nomads, learn the secret of Mongolian cuisine, see the mountain-tortoise, see what it looks like Mongolian billiards and more, you have to The Terelj […]

In Mongolia, all the time there are inscriptions “Their Mongol”, which translated means “Great Mongolia”. A beer with the same name stands in the center of the city, making healthy competition beer “Genghis Khan”. These two words make up the greatness of the country. Beer “Genghis Khan”, a local vodka “Genghis Khan”, and even the number of restaurants with the same name will not keep a hundred. Actually, the Great […]