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Before anyone even a small journey through Asia, I was scared of possible rude locals. They said that the backpacker-alone necessarily robbed. They advised to avoid this in many ways, but perhaps the only one of the methods proved to be really effective. In preparation for the pedestrian hike along the eastern shore of Lake Baikal, I met with Valentin Bryansk, Irkutsk famous walker. He was frequently in those places, […]

Finishing the story about the Mongolian part of the journey the story of the deepest lake in Mongolia – Hovsgol (the largest in the area – Uvs Nuur). Warning: many rerihovschiny below! :))) Previous often ends up on the fact that we came to the city Muren. That will tell you what’s there. The town planning and architectural similar to any small provincial Russian town. It is striking how the […]