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Distance: 463 kilometers to Sainshand town from Ulaanbaatar

Duration: 8 hours by train to Sainshand, 10-12 hours by road

Activities: Desert expeditions, camping, trekking, paleontology, wildlife viewing



The eastern part of the Gobi has an open landscape of arid grasslands prone to episodes of severe drought and dust storms. Except from its numerous sandy Desert, there are many small lakes, streams and springs in the Eastern Gobi.

The Eastern Gobi region is easily accessible by railway. The main border port of Zamiin Uud in the southern frontier of the country is located here. Eastern Gobi desert also encompasses several historical sites including Khamaryn Hiid monastery, where 19th century great poet and Saint Danzanrabjaa staged his famous ballade “Saran Khuhuu” in 1830. Burdene Bulag sand dunes are some of the largest and most extensive dunes in the Gobi Desert.


Ergeliin Zoo Natural Reserve

Distance: 200 kilometers from Sainshand town

Duration: 5-7 hours by road from Sainshand

Activities: camping, trekking, paleontology, wildlife viewing

Ergeliin Zoo is one of the most remote Natural Reserve of the country, being located in the middle of the southern Gobi desert region. The rock in the Natural Reserve bears a number of imprints of ancient animals. Skeletons of giant dinosaurs were discovered in Ergeliin Zoo Natural Reserve, which occupies an area of 6,000 square kilometers.


Suihent Petrified Forest

Distance: 220 kilometers from Sainshand town

Duration: 6-7 hours by road from Sainshand

Suihent Petrified Forest was formed millions of years ago during the Jurassic Period of the Mesozoic Era. The fossilized forest, which occupies an area 500 meters in length and 80 meters wide, lies 60 kilometers past Ergeliin Zoo Natural Reserve. Fallen trunks of numerous petrified trees sometimes reach 20 meters in length. Their diameters range from 50 centimeters to 1.5 meters. By traveling 40 kilometers further, one smaller petrified forest is found at Tsagaan Tsav, where one will encounter large herds of black-tailed gazelle.