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In Mongolia, all the time there are inscriptions “Their Mongol”, which translated means “Great Mongolia”.

A beer with the same name stands in the center of the city, making healthy competition beer “Genghis Khan”. These two words make up the greatness of the country. Beer “Genghis Khan”, a local vodka “Genghis Khan”, and even the number of restaurants with the same name will not keep a hundred. Actually, the Great Mongolia, which is on the Pacific Ocean to the Caspian Sea, and which was created by Genghis Khan, it is the Mongolian national idea.

That approach a Mongol writing on the main street, was asked what he was proud and he will tell you that the Mongols – the great nation that when Genghis Khan raped all of Asia, and Europe trampled. Writing, however, does not stop, even in the direction of your turn tries.

In Ulan Bator, the capital of which, I’m five times in the darkness, there is no lamp lamps does not change, almost falling into the sewers until you got used to walk, looking at his feet. Hatches descendants of Genghis Khan’s taken on the metal in China, the money on drink. In the city center there are wooden houses, yurts and skyscrapers mixed. In winter, the wind carries the smoke from the yurt directly on residential neighborhoods. You walk like a hedgehog in the fog, coughing in the evening of black boxes themselves.

Traffic jams in the city from morning till evening, go uglier than in Nairobi, New Delhi and Shanghai combined. The Mongols go as if no one on the road, except for them, no. Unpredictable rebuild, categorical rejection of the turn signals and the full confidence of his own immortality make driving in Mongolia eestremalnym entertainment.

By the way, cars are very cheap, Len Cruiser Toyota in the cabin at least sixty thousand dollars, the new Hyundai Lantra – seven thousand small. Older Japanese women by Russian standards are just pennies.

Returning to the greatness of the country. The Mongols do not like to work, but love to drink and eat. On Friday, most restaurants do not have beds, good inexpensive restaurants. In the evening, drunk on the streets than in sober day. The consumption of local vodka, the arch is the most correct according to local holidays. Want to make Mongol nice – give him a bottle of Russian vodka, she’s appreciated.

Here I see a Great Mongolia, a country in which I lived for a long time, and I like that because of the extreme similarity with Russia is also a great and populous proud of this bygone grandeur of human beings.

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