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Mongolia meets our border checkpoints, escorts them to Russia. Russian checkpoint – Tsagaan-tolgoy- can say did not take long, just so happened that we came when the soldiers, exhausted by the service, ate food. But you will agree to wait 2 hours for the border in such zh..pe – nifiga is not much. The children remembered how to spend the night in the neutral zone in Tashanta – crossed a border, and the other is already closed. And lived the night of the neutral zone …

But on the Russian side in earnest to enlighten suitcases in any scanner, she scrutinized the documents. In general, we have convinced themselves that we are taking nothing illegal. The only question was how should we be convinced of this. I think they were even nice to show us all, so to speak, protses, all border the car in action, because apart from us here simply no longer estimate the greatness of the Russian bureaucracy (local stupidly mother).

This transition is not an international, that is, it can go only citizens of the Russian Federation and Mongolia (read: Tuva and tourists like us); Feed a small but sufficient for the queue. One of the guards asked him to convey greetings to a colleague in Mondy. We honestly handed it back. Mongolian guys saw us, too, we would like to show our custom class, but quickly blown away, and let us go on all the same direction, in Mondy.

The first we met Mongolian town – Tes actively traded for rubles and provides services for the conversion of existing money in the Tug. Guys, Korean beer – cool! If you know the Mongolian, or that it is unlikely will be able to dismantle the Korean paintings on paper, take it, but even if they do not disassemble buy everything that is on one bottle and then try: one that fruit – remember the color of the label and never take, and the rest – just perfect. It is known that in the way people run wild and ready to drink, even water from the Baltic to the washing, but in Mongolia you have such a problem does not occur – only filter the fruit, I beg.

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