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Finishing the story about the Mongolian part of the journey the story of the deepest lake in Mongolia – Hovsgol (the largest in the area – Uvs Nuur). Warning: many rerihovschiny below! :)))

Previous often ends up on the fact that we came to the city Muren. That will tell you what’s there. The town planning and architectural similar to any small provincial Russian town. It is striking how the very presence of street lighting, and that it is solar powered. In general, it seems, the town began to actively develop tourism: nearby there is a no airport, the road to the capital and then to the Hovsgol (for us it is still under construction). In the city on the streets everywhere heard foreign speech, a large number dzhippery.

In addition to the police station in the city has a decent hotel, a bank, where you can namenyat tugra the road, a few stolovok, there’s even a touch of pathos with a certain (if not toilet-type septic tank, the key to which it is necessary to take the places of the owners). In the canteen for some reason, is dominated by dishes of European, Korean and Japanese food (sushi rolls, all the cases). Mongolian food have been reported. Order a steak here – that there is something elitist, agree! Instead of bread is served in a rice bowl, we scored a bunch of hunger and food bowls with rice stopped at some point, be placed on the table.

The architecture is interesting one feature, for example, it is clear that the restaurant is decorated in well, but if something broke or came off, and here (this is another strange feature) all breaks down frequently, repair is carried out using the most inappropriate materials and tools: Wallpaper nailed, unstick interior – a piece of plywood, screws hammered, twisted nails, etc. All this creates the impression of an abandoned housing depressing (though it is not). Perhaps the explanation for this lies in the traditional nomadic lifestyle of the Mongols, even living for a long time settled.

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