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This is the story of how we went to the national park Gorkhi-Terelj National Park near the Mongolian capital. Fasting is made soon in the format of “text with illustrations” rather than “pictures with captions,” but if you want to get acquainted with the life of nomads, learn the secret of Mongolian cuisine, see the mountain-tortoise, see what it looks like Mongolian billiards and more, you have to

The Terelj still led asphalt road, equipped with a traditional post bribe-takers. Although they do not just collect the money, they have performed very heavy physical work: opened and closed the gate. Of course, much nicer when opening the barrier keeps the warmth of human hands than when it rises soulless automation … And the road was struck by two things – the railway bridge over some dry stream, the space under which it was jam-packed with disparate beasts, Tucked away in a pathetic shadow, and the Mongolian version of “speed bump” – “stand-up cop.” He is always cheerful and smiling, always on the alert with his rod, and do not miss any offender without imposing sight-threatening. He was on duty in the heat and the snow, it slim and fit, he even disinterested! Because he plywood. The front face of his ancient and some inscription on the belly, the back no less carefully-rendered gaishnaya seat, that’s just a side pumped up – the proud profile of a policeman there. On the side it looks narrow and rather modestly.

Sense in this work of social realism steppe police and I saw absolutely nothing – this emergency call level section of road was impossible. Is it intimidating acts on the sheep, and the bars are not on the road. And that is good. In short, plywood embodiment of the spirit of the surrounding area in gaishnaya form. I wonder how the driver did not occur malice tie is stuffed with blue ribbons and distribute the stones at its foot, caramels and other offerings …

So we climbed the pass. From the pass opens the lovely view of the intermountain valley of the river Tuul Gol, which spoils poking close excavator.

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