Exterior Mongolia Tours

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Mosquitoes with a mustache of x * nN. Sky Uvs Nur. Swan Lake.

Mongolian road signs have already been mentioned as a model of brevity and obscurity. They are not on the forks and intersections, and where convenient stand. As it is impossible to determine where, and where to turn. On them you can only verify the names on the map. Nevertheless, it is a useful pointer.

Much worse – harmful pointer. On it with glaring detail and precision shown what is actually there.

As there is no camp site indicated on this map roadside. On the shore of the lake, where signs were detected only reeds trampled volleyball, WC yes pet cemetery …

Grins Mongolian specifics, load your track 2009 and rushes into the night instrument.

But Ozick confidently takes us to the shore UvsNura. We put the camp and go explore the neighborhood at night.

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