Exterior Mongolia Tours

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Mongolia, a country like no other, is calling you to explore our unique history and enjoy adventurous journey of a lifetime. While you drive across endless steppe of Mongolia, you will experience how 2000 years of tradition and history are blended with the modern culture.

Mongolia has a beautiful nature that range from desert to forest and mountain to steppe in the heart of Central Asia. Branded by our great emperor Chinggis Khan, our history has a fascinating timeline that not many countries have shared the same path and luck. Sandwiched between giant neighbors, Russia and China, our country has kept its unique nomadic culture like a treasure. Nothing has stopped Mongolians to live in yurts (ger) and herd animals while the capital city of Ulaanbaatar is a hub of business, education, development and entertainment.

We would like to experience and enjoy Mongolia with us. Our in depth knowledge in tourism industry will facilitate your journey to the fullest.

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