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All who happens in other countries, or simply interesting places are trying to bring back souvenirs. Something that will remind the places you visit. Someone brings magnets, some shirts, some national things. I often cite other things. Sometimes strange to others.

So, what I brought for myself from Mongolia.

First of all, it is old (well, I hope that old) statues of bronze. Figurines associated with Buddhism and there are a lot of them for sale. Are they funny money on our prices. Prior to 1000r., If I do not confuse niego.

I bought here this Buddha in full growth.

Such here the pair of lions.

And the head of the Buddha in the photo above.

All items were purchased in Kharkhorin and surrounding area.

They have problems at customs. Customs officers have caused my luggage control and I had to tell them that “Buddha” (they called them that way) is not old, were purchased official and very cheap. In the end, everything ended well, all the “Buddha” I left. But I’ve been through several unpleasant moments and I took 2 bottles of sand from the Gobi! One of their sand-Hongoryn Els and second sand of Bayan-Zag. Be careful with this!

This list does not end antique bronze. Also on the collapse Kharkhorin I purchased smaller items.

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